"It's about functional, unique design solutions and my clients' needs.  Besides, I get to be of service to others while using decades long experience to do something I truly love to do!"


- K.McGee, Owner/Lead Designer

I'm a fine artist at heart and have been painting an illustrating for over 20 years. I have a BA in fine arts from the School of Visual Arts and an Associates Degree in graphic design from the Chubb Institute where I honed my skills in that field.  I taught Graphic Design for 4 years at the high school level in Jersey City and facilitated the program and wrote in-depth curriculum for the state of New Jersey.


I currently co-own and act as the lead designer of two companies, a graphic t-shirt brand WEARWOLF USA and a custom skate board company, SHANKTUARY STUDIOS. Fine art painting is still a focus for me as I still have shows and sell my works on Etsy under the pseudonym MARTYR GRAFF. 


During this time I have used my skills part time to freelance and consult on design projects for a number years which has led to the creation of this company.