• Martyr Graff

Into The Woods, Navigating the World of Graphic Design

Welcome to Wendigo Graphics LLC's new blog! This digital publication will feature trends, educational posts and general discussions about the vast discipline known as graphic design. After all, design is everywhere, in every thing that is created by humankind. In that form and function have become symbiotic elements and the purest product of the marriage between Art and Science.

I love design and find inspiration through both good and poor examples. The only mistake we make is one we do not learn from, a wise person once said. It has taken me years of learning and working on my craft to feel confident to offer my services to others, let alone for money. Being a visual artist (painter), for many years, before computers were so prevalent gave me a chance to explore the basics of art theory i.e. composition, form, color, line, pattern, and emphasis to name a few.

For those interested in exploring the design world and wish to pursue a career in this field, here is a list of the Top 5 things you might want to think about...

1. There is a large demand for design work, but the competition to get work is just as large.

2. The learning curve without any prior art background is steep however, online tutorials and workshops are available via paid virtual classes and free services like YouTube.

3. Start-up costs are not as expensive as you might think, but build your empire slowly by getting the essentials if you already don't have them like: a desktop computer, the current versions of graphic design software like adobe suite products, and a decent all-in-one printer with a scanner.

4. Pick a focus, but don't limit yourself. Like college, you might want to choose a major and minor in many other things. As you develop so may your interests and you never want to say "no," to a client or close yourself to any possibility.

5. Never stop creating and don't underestimate the power of the pencil and paper! Draw, write, conceptualize, jot down words that inspire and remind you of an idea, redesign existing things that bother you. Remember it's progress, not perfection!

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